Sample Application using Redwood Templates in VBCS

In this blog post, We will see a sample application built using Redwood Templates in VBCS (Visual Builder Cloud Service), showcasing the power and simplicity of these templates and patterns.

Redwood Templates provide a collection of responsive and modern UI components. These templates follow the Oracle Redwood design system, which is a set of guidelines and best practices for designing visually appealing and consistent user interfaces across Oracle Cloud applications.

If you are confused between Redwood Theme VS Templates check out my previous blog post.

Application Overview

We are using the following components in our sample application. Note that this is for demo purposes only and hence we mock up some data. Also, we may not be using the templates to their full potential but should be enough to get you started.

  1. oj-sp-pillar-theme

  2. oj-sp-in-app-navigation

  3. oj-sp-welcome-page

  4. oj-sp-object-card

  5. oj-sp-smart-search-page

  6. oj-sp-simple-create-edit

  7. oj-sp-dashboard-landing-page

  8. oj-sp-guided-process

  9. oj-sp-collection-container

  10. oj-sp-create-edit-drawer-template

Below is a sample recording of the application and the code for the same can be downloaded from my GIT Repo link.

Feel free to download and play with the code. In successive articles, I will be writing in detail about some of these templates.